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Country list

Afghanistan (AF, Middle East, Asia) (4)
Anguilla (AL, Caribbean, North-America) (7)
Antigua and Barbuda (AG, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Argentina (AR, South-America, South-America) (14)
Aruba (AA, Caribbean, North-America) (16)
Australia (AU, Oceania, Oceania) (223)
Bahamas (BS, Caribbean, North-America) (71)
Barbados (BB, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Belgium (BE, Europe, Europe) (13)
Belize (BZ, Central America, North-America) (10)
Bermuda (BM, North-America, North-America) (1)
Brazil (BR, South-America, South-America) (44)
Cambodia (KH, Asia, Asia) (7)
Canada (CA, North-America, North-America) (85)
Cape Verde (CV, Africa, Africa) (1)
Cayman Islands (KY, Caribbean, North-America) (32)
Chile (CL, South-America, South-America) (6)
China (CH, Asia, Asia) (1)
Colombia (CO, South-America, South-America) (2)
Cook Islands (1)
Costa Rica (CR, Central America, North-America) (11)
Croatia Hrvatska (HR, Europe, Europe) (9)
Cuba (CU, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Cyprus (CY, Europe, Europe) (5)
Czech Republic (CZ, Europe, Europe) (1)
Denmark (DA, Europe, Europe) (2)
Dominica (DR, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Dominican Republic (DO, Caribbean, North-America) (3)
Dominican Republic (DR, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
East Timor (TP, Asia, Asia) (4)
Ecuador (EC, South-America, South-America) (18)
Egypt (EG, Africa, Africa) (140)
Eritrea (ER, Africa, Africa) (4)
Faroe Islands (FO, Europe, Europe) (1)
Fiji (FJ, Oceania, Oceania) (4)
France (FR, Europe, Europe) (200)
French Guiana (GF, South-America, South-America) (1)
French Polynesia (FP, Oceania, Oceania) (75)
Germany (DE, Europe, Europe) (11)
Greece (GR, Europe, Europe) (10)
Grenada (GJ, Caribbean, North-America) (1)
Honduras (HO, Central America, North-America) (13)
Hong Kong (HK, Asia, Asia) (1)
Iceland (IS, Europe, Europe) (4)
India (IN, Asia, Asia) (1)
Indonesia (ID, Asia, Asia) (96)
Iran (IR, Middle East, Asia) (1)
Ireland (EI, Europe, Europe) (26)
Israel (IL, Middle East, Asia) (7)
Italy (IT, Europe, Europe) (14)
Jamaica (JM, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Japan (JP, Asia, Asia) (3)
Jordan (JO, Middle East, Asia) (16)
Kenya (KE, Africa, Africa) (2)
Lebanon (LB, Middle East, Asia) (2)
Luxembourg (LU, Europe, Europe) (2)
Madagascar (MA, Africa, Africa) (3)
Malawi (MW, Africa, Africa) (1)
Malaysia (MY, Asia, Asia) (87)
Maldives (MV, Asia, Asia) (20)
Malta (MT, Europe, Europe) (21)
Marshall Islands (MH, Oceania, Oceania) (1)
Martinique (MQ, Caribbean, North-America) (5)
Mauritius (MP, Africa, Africa) (4)
Mexico (MX, North-America, North-America) (67)
Micronesia (FM, Oceania, Oceania) (6)
Netherlands (NL, Europe, Europe) (220)
Netherlands Antilles (NT, Caribbean, North-America) (35)
New Caledonia (NC, Oceania, Oceania) (7)
New Zealand (NZ, Oceania, Oceania) (19)
Norway (NO, Europe, Europe) (5)
Oman (MU, Middle East, Asia) (36)
Pakistan (PK, Middle East, Asia) (1)
Palau (PW, Oceania, Oceania) (7)
Panama (PM, Central America, North-America) (5)
Papua New Guinea (PG, Oceania, Oceania) (1)
Philippines (RP, Asia, Asia) (101)
Poland (PL, Europe, Europe) (2)
Portugal (PT, Europe, Europe) (21)
Puerto Rico (PR, Caribbean, North-America) (1)
Qatar (QA, Middle East, Asia) (3)
Reunion (28)
Romania (RO, Europe, Europe) (2)
Russian Federation (RU, Asia, Asia) (2)
Samoa (WS, Oceania, Oceania) (1)
Saudi Arabia (SA, Middle East, Asia) (4)
Senegal (SG, Africa, Africa) (3)
Seychelles (SC, Africa, Africa) (23)
Singapore (SN, Asia, Asia) (2)
Solomon Islands (SB, Oceania, Oceania) (2)
South Africa (SF, Africa, Africa) (21)
Spain (ES, Europe, Europe) (1)
Spain (SP, Europe, Europe) (49)
Sri Lanka (LK, Asia, Asia) (2)
Sudan (SD, Africa, Africa) (21)
Sweden (SE, Europe, Europe) (4)
Switzerland (CH, Europe, Europe) (6)
Tahiti (TF, Oceania, Oceania) (1)
Taiwan (TW, Asia, Asia) (2)
Tanzania (TZ, Africa, Africa) (12)
Thailand (TH, Asia, Asia) (96)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT, Caribbean, North-America) (1)
Turkey (TR, Middle East, Asia) (9)
Turks and Caicos Islands (TC, Caribbean, North-America) (2)
Ukraine (UA, Europe, Europe) (1)
United Arab Emirates (2)
United Kingdom (UK, Europe, Europe) (54)
United States (US, North-America, North-America) (403)
Uruguay (UY, South-America, South-America) (1)
Vanuatu (VU, Oceania, Oceania) (13)
VietNam (VA, Asia, Asia) (6)
Virgin Islands (US, Caribbean, North-America) (18)
Virgin Islands (VI, British, Caribbean, North-America) (21)


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